Saturday, July 23, 2005

An off-topic post...

I grew up in NYC, the borough of Queens, to be exact, so moving to the suburbs has given me more of a chance to enjoy nature, which I do -- I love seeing wildlife, I still can't quite believe it when the seeds I plant actually grow into something, or that the garden blooms again each spring and summer.

Yesterday afternoon I had a rare opportunity to see something up close, and it was thrilling. A large hawk was sitting in the tree outside the front door, eating its prey. Now, this is a street with sidewalks and houses up and down both sides - not the wide open spaces where you'd expect to see a hawk. It was beautiful, and the kids and I were in awe just watching it until it finished and calmly flew away. Here are a few pictures I managed to take with my digital camera. The zoom is not the best, but under the circumstances I was happy I was able to capture a few shots.

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