Friday, September 23, 2005

Minor Disaster....

Yesterday I did something to make any knitter cringe - I accidentally spilled coffee (with milk!) on my knitting travel bag, and the project I was carrying! Fortunately, I believe it will all wash out. I had just started the left front piece of the Vogue (Fall Issue 2005) sweater coat (Pattern #23, which I am doing as a jacket). The bag is nylon mesh, so naturally coffee got on everything - skeins, work in progress, magazine. Fortunately, the bag washed and dried easily, and I was able to blot most of the coffee from the yarn/WIP and magazine with minimal difficulties. The project and yarn had a French Vanilla coffee smell, however, so I am washing them in cold water before proceeding. Luckily I have plenty of extra yarn, so I restarted the left front. This will give me time to see how the stained portion survives the washing. Moral of this story: I now have the yarn and WIP in sealed plastic bags in the tote!

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