Saturday, December 31, 2005

Plans for 2006....

Well, I was glad to see that my knitted gifts were very well received! Another interesting development is that two people have asked me to help them start knitting - my sister (one already knits, and got me going again; this is the other one), and a woman from work. I am by all accounts no expert, but offered to show them the basics.

I gave my sister a "get started" kit I found in Michaels Craft Store. There were several to pick from, by Lion Brand, Boye, and a couple of other companies. The kit I chose had two pairs of needles, stitch markers, holders, needle size guide, cable stitch holder, etc., etc., and a booklet with several simple projects. I wrapped the kit up together with a couple of skeins of Wool Ease worsted in a pretty blue - she was thrilled, because she hadn't had a chance to pick up supplies yet, and didn't really know where to begin.

My friend at work went to a LYS near work, and the shop owner helped her pick a pair of bamboo needles and some Wintuk acrylic yarn to "play" with. It's been so slow and dead at work this week, I have been helping her learn the knit and purl stitches, and she is working on a basic scarf. She decided to switch from needlepoint to knitting, because her pictures, though beautiful, take so long to complete (one took 4 months), and she wanted something different.

I had to laugh, because in helping her get started, I discovered I may be turning into a bit of yarn snob!!! While I do use wool and cotton blends, and some "artificial" fibers (like Homespun by Lion), I was still surprised at how rough the Wintuk felt to me! It was a varigated skein in "baby colors" - blue, pink, white - and I was thinking how I would definitely not want to put something so rough on a baby!

Anyway, today I am going to browse my patterns and magazines, and pick a few projects I'd like to make in 2006. Have you thought about your next projects yet?

Finally, since I am a "Purling Puppy" webring member, I thought I'd post a photo of my "pup" taken on Christmas Eve. Red is definitely his color!

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