Friday, July 28, 2006

It's been a long time...

I can't believe my last post was in MAY. Time has certainly been flying by. The baby sweater in my last post is still where I left it in my last post - pieces done, final assembly waiting. For some reason I find it too hard to knit in the summer... Partly because I am not that fond of cotton yarns. However, I have been participating in the One Skein secret pal project, and that has been lots of fun. Gail is the woman who sends packages to me, and I in turn send to Kris. (It's kind of a round-robin, as opposed to a two person exchange.) I've had lots of fun both receiving and putting together packages. In addition to sending a skein of yarn each month (June, July and August), in the last month we send a small knitted (or crocheted) item for the person, and send it in the package with the yarn. I am looking forward to that!

Another reason I have dropped off my knitting this summer is that I have gotten back into photography. I joined Flickr, and it has been a blast. I love all the gorgeous photos posted by many many talented people, and have made some wonderful contacts in the process, too. Flickr has all kinds of groups you can join within it, pertaining to various topics, goals and ideas within the broad field of photography itself. In particular, I am enjoying a group called "Active Assignment Weekly". Each week a project is assigned, and must be worked on and submitted within that timeframe. No earlier photos can be used. It's a fun way to broaden photography skills, and develop creative ways of approaching different topics. So, I have been busy with that, since the weather is warmer and days are longer, I prefer outdoor activities.

I have also been out of touch with my knitting friends and contacts on the net, but I do miss you very much, and hope you are all well. I will be back knitting again very soon.

The sweater I have yet to assemble is for a baby due late next month, and I just found out that a co-worker is expecting twins! She also wants me to make sweaters, but I have more time - her babies are not due until the end of December/beginning of January (whew!). The mom will be finding out the sex of the babies before birth, so she can pick pink or blue (or one of each!) if she wants the traditional colors. We'll pick out the colors and sweater style together at that time.

Catch you later!


~*Caitie*~ said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm on Flickr also but I didn't know about this group thing! I joined too! :)

Kathy said...

Welcome back Bernadette. YOU were missed. Cannot wait to see some of your photos.

Anonymous said...
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