Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Well, I did it! I finished the shawl for my mom on Saturday evening! It's all wrapped up and ready to give to her later today, when the family gets together.

Shawl 2

On Sunday, I tried my hand at dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. It was lots of fun, and came out pretty well. I can see why people get hooked on dyeing their own. (Edit: I used grape, green apple and blue raspberry on the first skein, and cherry and grape on the second.)

Hand-Dyed YarnKool Aid Colors

I also went into the city with my sister and we visited Knit Cafe. I bought some greagt yarn and had a yummy creme brulee latte. We spent some time there knitting, then went to Union Square Park, where they had a great holiday bazaar with all sorts of handmade gifts. It was a fun day in spite of the almost steady rain.

I hope all my knitting friends have a wonderful Christmas!


Kitten_lion said...

That red yarn is gourgous! what flavors did you use for that?

Bernadette said...

Thanks! I used cherry for the red part and the other part is grape (purple). It did not take as strongly as the red, and is a softer, almost grayish-purple color.