Thursday, April 10, 2008

Montparnasse FO; Magazine Goodies; Knitters with a Sense of Humor

2008 April 087

Montparnasse is done! It was a fun knit, and I really like how it turned out. It is just a tad tight across the shoulders on me, though, so I think it is going to be my sister's birthday present. (Her birthday is April 17th.) I am sure it will fit her, and I can save the shrug I am working on for another time, or give it to someone else.

This is one sweater I will definitely make again - for me! I thought of putting it away for the fall (by then I am sure it will fit me - my weight management program has been progressing along well), but I hate doing that. I would just as soon make another, and give this one to someone who can enjoy it now. Besides, my sister has complained about her cold office at work, so it will come in handy for her.

Kathy from Irisheyes was asking what kind of freebies have been in the Simply Knitting magazine each month. So, here are some recent ones: A CD book preview(with stitch library and free patterns); a purse clasp (issue had patterns and ideas for making various purses); and a knitting counter for stitch/row increases/decreases. There was also an issue with a free pair of knitting needles and another with stitch markers. (See why I am hooked???) Plus they have lovely patterns in every issue.

Finally, I have to share a fun knitting blog, which I found through the Simply Knitting website and blog... It's called Masquerade. It seems the knitters of Stockholm have a wry and wonderful sense of humor. They are putting sweaters, leg warmers, hats and mittens on all manner of statues around the city, and cozies on the lamp posts, too! Check out the photos and all the creative knitting... There's even a map that marks where the various items are located. I just love the fawn statue in its sweater and leg warmers... There are links in the blog's sidebar to check out all the favorites. Check it out!

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Kathy said...

Well, what fine free goodies! i love the handbag handle and would love the instructions too. Great tip.
I plan to look at your link for the fawn in yarn.