Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fingerless Gloves

Well, I began my Peaceful Palms project yesterday, and I have finished the cuff of one glove so far. I love the Brittany DPN's - they are very easy to work with. The yarn is almost like working with string - it's the thinnest yarn I have worked with yet - but it isn't hard to work with at all and I love the colorway.

I took another picture of the KnitPicks yarn outside this morning, which improved the color accuracy somewhat. This camera is not the best for indoor shots or low light situations - the flash just isn't that powerful.

Anyway, I also tried to get some shots of our dog in his Halloween bandanna. He looks so cool with his black coat and the orange pumpkins! I have the best one here, and I'll save the rest for later - some are perfect for Halloween, he looks so scary!

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