Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, I took my sweater pieces to knitting class all excited to begin putting them together. I definitely learned a lot about technique, and about tension when doing the mattress stitch. However... after attempting to set in the first sleeve, I realized that my initial pattern adjustments for the sleeve width were not quite correct. The sleeve was too narrow for the opening! I did not discover this until after class, so I spent last evening removing the sleeve, and then frogging both of them. I am redoing them with 6 more stitches, which will give me just the extra I need. I suppose this would all have been unnecessary if I had checked my measurements earlier, but no matter - I will not make that mistake again! ;) Lesson learned!!!

In the meantime, my socks are coming along nicely. The first is finished, and the second is almost ready for toe shaping. I ordered some sock yarn from KnitPicks this week. I picked a couple of the Essential seasonal solids (Grass and Pumpkin) and some of their pretty Sock Garden colorways (Hydrangea and Hollyberry). I can't wait to get it!

I also joined nona's Peaceful Palms knit-along... Gotta get my project together later today!

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