Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Plugging along

I am working hard on getting the last sleeve from my sweater project done... I reknit the first one, and it is much better (the first time they were too narrow for the sleeve openings at the shoulders). This Saturday is my last knitting class, and I am not signing up for the next session (too much to do on Saturday mornings). I want to make sure I am ready for any final help I need piecing it together.

I still have my second fingerless mitten to knit for the Peaceful Palms knit along. I have cast on and begun it twice, and both times have made mistakes in the cuff and felt it was easier to rip it out and start over (not paying attention, I guess).

For the Warm Hands mitten knit-along I am still deciding on my project - the Fall 2005 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting has a whole section on mitten basics and variations which looks tempting. However, my sister also gave me a link to one on knitty, Broad Street Mittens/Gloves by Janice Cortese, which is a pattern for a fingerless glove with a mitten flap to cover the fingers when desired (which I really want to do). Maybe, if I have time, I will do both. (Or would I be biting off more than I can chew....?)

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