Saturday, December 10, 2005


I am currently working on a gift for my younger son's doctor. She recently admired a scarf I made, so I thought I'd make her a similar one. This time I am using 2 strands of Squiggle Cool Jazz" color #9289, and one strand of Encore Worsted, color #3335 (a lime or spring green). I just love working with Squiggle and the funky, colorful little snips of yarn dangling from the main thread. I think an open stitch, such as the dropstitch I am using for the scarf, really shows them off. A tighter pattern makes for a thicker, warm, textured fabric - I would love to make a sweater or jacket from it like that, and I think a throw or wrap would just be luxurious! The vivid mix of colors in some of the variagated shades really call to me, but they have solids and muted variagated shades also. Why not try some in your next project?

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