Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Funny story...

So I am leaving the house this morning, with my purse and a black tote that always holds, among other things, a current portable WIP (so if I have to wait somewhere, I always have a project to work on). The WIP in there at the moment is a glove - Urban Necessities, by Colleen Michele Meagher, in the Sept 2005 issue of magknits .

Well, as I was locking the front door, I felt a pulling across the back of my legs, just above the knees. I thought it was my clothing caught on something, until I looked down. There was a cranberry-colored strand of yarn caught in the (locked) door, the other end in the tote... Last night I put the skein of yarn in a basket next to my chair while knitting, but when I stopped for the night, I dropped the glove back into my tote, right next to the basket.

Walking out the door this morning I was carrying the glove, while the skein was unravelling in the basket with the strand of yarn going across the room and out the door! Had I not felt the tug of the yarn behind me as I turned to lock the door, I wonder just how far I'd have gone with the yarn trailing along behind me! :o)

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