Saturday, February 18, 2006

Good News/Bad News

Yesterday I went to check out a store closing - (Treasure Island, if you live in NY/NJ - don't know if they are anywhere else). The bad news is, they'll be gone very soon. The good news is, they have marked everything WAY down (it's near the end). I got 3 books at 70% off, including Vogue's Socks 2 and The Little Box of Sweaters, and 4-5 sets of circular needles and DPN's at 60% off - mostly Clover Bamboo. The yarn was almost gone except for novelty items and baby yarn. I am happy about the bargains, but sorry to see the store go. Apparently it was sold less than 5 years ago by the original owners, and the new owners expanded too fast. That's business, I guess...

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