Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fulling Ave.

The technical term for what we call "felting" is actually fulling. I saw this sign, and and decided it would be the next stop on my knitting journey! My next project will be to make a felted handbag. I love the Booga Bag pattern from Black Sheep Bags (be sure to see the gallery of completed bags here! A great place for inspiration!) I also just ordered 25 Bags to Knit: Beautiful Bags in Stylish Colors by Emma King, which has lots of beautiful styles from which to choose. So, I may be on Fulling Ave. for a while! :)

And in the Old News Dept.:
I am still working on the modified Jaywalker socks. I needed to rip out the heel flap, because on one side the seam stitches ( for forming the heel) were leaving holes - some of the earlier stitches they were joining to were just too loose. I also have my Knitpicks Hydrangea socks still going. They are great carry-along projects, so I work on them in bits and pieces, and have them in my bag for any time I am waiting somewhere (dr's office, etc.) with nothing to do.

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Kathy said...


Your sign post (hahaha no pum intended) is a bit freaky. I was thinking of posting a signpost TODAY as well.