Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ready to knit anywhere, anytime!

Here's how I carry my take-along projects with me. My "purse" is actually a tote - any working mom (probably any mom, period!) knows the need for a large bag. I carry my personal things, on occasion a few work items, and (of course) my knitting-on-the-go. A knitting magazine or two also fits nicely(one is peeking out there in the top photo).

The colorful mesh pouches for my knitting projects came from Barnes & Noble. They came in sets of 3, and the medium (shown above) is perfect for small knitting projects. It will hold all the essentials (dpn's or circular needles - most straight needles are too big), and the smallest mesh bag is great for stitch holders or other small items. It will also hold a copy of your pattern. (I photocopy the pattern if it's in a book, so I don't need to carry the whole book - and I can mark where I left off or make notes/changes). The only disadvantage of mesh bags is that they are not waterproof, so anything spilled on them goes right through to the contents.

This system works very well for me, especially during the week when I am on the go and may have a few spare minutes here and there (such as waiting in a dr's office, or for the kids after their activities). I can also switch projects in and out easily, including the large mesh bag with a bit larger project. I am never caught without something interesting to occupy my time.


Kathy said...

Ohhhhhhh. I love the little meshy bags. Thanks for the tip! THey look perfect.

nona said...

Great idea! I have my portable knitting in plastic baggies, not nearly as nice. I like to have a super simple project for the car, so I can knit at red light -- cuts the rush hour stress!