Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring has sprung!

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! The temp hit 70 degees, the sky was a clear blue (a few puffs of white clouds here & there), and a nice breeze every now & then. All the convertible cars I saw had their tops down. Forsythia, crocus and even a few daffodils are in bloom (the ones above are from my back yard).

The second pic is my co-pilot. He comes with me every morning as I drop the boys off to school, and waits patiently as I stop in afterwards at the place where I get my coffee. Lately I have had the window open all the way, and friends and aquaintances stop by the car to pet him while I am inside getting my coffee. The red object in the picture is a doggie seat belt - he is much more comfortable (and safer) with it on, and doesn't slide off the seat if I need to stop suddenly.

I just found out that my neighbor across the street is pregnant with her second child - YAY!! I finally have someone to knit all those cute baby clothes for! She's due in late August, so I have plenty of time. Their older son is now 3, but they had just moved in to the house (in the middle of winter) shortly before he was born, and we didn't get to know the family until a bit later - no knitting back then. I hear from the sitter (both parents work full time) that they want to find out the sex of the baby before it's born, so I could make something pink or blue, as well as some traditional gender-neutral colors. I was just noticing how pretty the crocuses look, and thought that something in shades of purple/lavender might be nice. I really love baby clothing in colors other than traditional pastel colors, so I will have fun picking something out. Now it's off to the books, magazines and websites to find some patterns!

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Kathy said...


A baby a baby! I love non-baby colors for baby knits. I know I've mentioned this before, but I love when people donate baby hats and blankets that are not baby colors. Girls and boys are so cute in denim! This will be so fun!