Friday, April 07, 2006


I have lots to talk about though I have done little actual knitting this past week. I worked on a bag I've been making (no real pattern), but I stopped because I don't like the last layer of Lion Boucle... It didn't look as I had pictured it in my mind. I did see, however, that Lion has some more discontinued Kool Wool available in khaki and a dark, almost black purple - I am thinking the khaki might be good for another layer of seed stitch (the rest is also made of Kool Wool, navy and olive). Then we'll see about a decorative edge of some sort.

I also purchased some yarn for my project for my neighbor's baby-to-be. As I had said earlier, I wanted to get away fronm traditional pastels, and I think Caron's Simply Soft in Lemonade, Limelight, and Mango certainly qualify!! They are actually a bit brighter than even this picture shows them to be. I'm thinking an outfit (Sweater? Onesie jumper? with a matching hat - probably stripes, if it's not too blinding!

The other three pics are designs I made for my CafePress shop (link in sidebar). I really enjoy art, photography and such, but never had the chance to pursue them very far... This is my opportunity to play at designing and have fun! I have Adobe Photoshop, and I have been like a kid with a crayon box and paper. Combining that with my interest in knitting has given me some ideas, and we'll see how they appeal to others. If nothing else, I'm enjoying it!

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Kathy said...


The colors for the child's gift are lovely. Have you seen the little Minow Knits sweater that is about 5 rows garter, 5 rows stockinette throughout. It is so cute. It would be great in those colors.