Sunday, April 23, 2006

Talk about luck! :)

So here I am trying hard to finish up my sock projects, so I can get on to some other things I want to do ...

And I am gradually realizing as I get close to finishing the first Hydrangea sock that I will probably not have enough yarn! (I alotted 1 skein per sock). I also know that KnitPicks is discontinuing this line of yarn (Sock Garden), and it's pretty much sold out! I am trying to think of what I'll do, and the thought that comes to me is to rip back to the heel, and do the heel and toe in a coordinating solid color (perhaps their Essential sock yarn). The thought of ripping this work out is not pleasant, and I am wondering if I should just try to finish the sock and see how far I get (it's less yarn than it looks in the photo).

Then this morning I am browsing my email, and there is a newsletter from KnitPicks. I go to their site to check it out (I love their site & yarns), and decide to just see if any Sock Garden is still there. It is, but there are only 2 colors left...Daffodil... and....HYDRANGEA!! Yippee! I quickly order 2 extra skeins (and some other things that catch my eye... just to get the free shipping on orders $40 and over, of course!! Wink wink!) Just like that, my dilemma is solved! :) :) :)

Fortunately for my other sock project (modified Jaywalker) I was careful to buy three skeins of Opal Gems - Terra Cotta (by Louet Sales), so I shouldn't run into this problem again!

Now I can happily finish my projects (I am not worried about color variations at this point!), and move on to the next ones!

By the way, one of the things that has slowed me down so much is pain in my left arm when knitting. I get pain from my elbow (outer side of the joint, the part that feels like a small ball), extending down to the hand. It has also been bad enough that I can't lift things without it hurting. I have been giving it a rest for a while, but was wondering what it is and it anyone else has had this problem when knitting. (Knitter's elbow????)


Kathy said...

ugh oh. When did the pain start? I am so unhappy about this. DOes ice help or heat? At the hint of knitting halting, I get panicky...FOR YOU! its not even me. Get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your blog bud

Melissa said...

Congrats on the yarn find! Isn't that free shipping witih $40 the best excuse for something you didn't intend to buy!

sarah said...

pain souund similar to tennis elbow. Could be caused by the rotation movement at the wrist.If its over the pointy bit of the elbow it could be a fluid bursa.If so do you rest your elbow on something when you knit? Try ice and make sue you rest your arms every so often.

Bernadette said...

Thanks very much for the advice... I have wondered if it might be that, though it seems funny to get tennis elbow from sitting around and knitting! I cut back on knitting a bit, and it seems to have improved a lot. Now that it is not so tender, I take breaks from my knitting every so often, and stretch my arms, rotating at the wrist in particular. If I notice too much stiffness/soreness when I do that, I take a break for a while longer.

I also think the pillow is a great idea, too. Hopefully it will help with my tendency to tense my arms when knitting with smaller needles, or when trying new stitches...

I appreciate the info and ideas!