Friday, May 05, 2006

My Package Arrived; New Project

My order from KnitPicks arrived Saturday - I got the book One Skein (for the Secret Pal exchange) and 4 skeins each of Hydrangea and Daffodil sock yarns (closeouts). Now I can finish my Hydrangea socks without worry about running out of yarn!

I didn't need the One Skein book for the Secret Pal Exchange, but wanted to get it anyway, and KnitPicks had it at a great discount (35% off). It has a lot of small, cute projects... great ideas for the odd balls left in your stash, or the bargain you couldn't pass up.

I also started the baby sweater and pants set. I am doing allover striping, a little different from the original pattern. I like the way the colors are coming out, and it's a fun project.

Well, it's off to work... It's been really busy with work & after school activities, so I haven't had time to post or catch up on my favorite blogs to read... Hopefully later today or on the weekend I will get to them!

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