Saturday, May 06, 2006

Baseball, Hot Dogs....and Knitting!

My younger son had a Little League game today (that's him, # 11) first inning as the 1st base coach.) Since the games run 2 hours on average, I had a good opportunity to knit away. I accomplished quite a bit, finishing the right front of the baby cardigan and making a good start on the left side. The pics were taken with my camera phone, so they are not the best.

Unfortunately, my son's team lost, 6-4... their record is now 1-5. :( The kids were (understandably) discouraged, but the coach was great and reminded them of all the good plays and hits they had, and that most of their games were pretty close in score. Hopefully their record will improve as the season progresses.

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Kathy said...


The sweater is just darling! I love the colors. I love the hotdogs too! MMMMM< mmmmmmm

Enjoyed the photos of the little leaguer!