Monday, May 08, 2006

Poor Piggy.....

The baby sweater is nearing completion as far as the knitting part goes - the front and back pieces are done, and I started on the sleeves yesterday.

In the meantime, to have something different to show, I thought I'd give an update on Piggy. I washed him yesterday, but he is showing signs of wear and tear. (I will not let the boys use Piggy for tug-of-war with Spike, as there are plenty of other rope toys for that purpose.) Above are "before" pics, and a couple of current pics... He is missing an eye and his ears are frayed. The colored spots on his side are bits of stuffing showing through (I used yarn scraps). It seems, however, that the yarn is much tougher than the plush fabric toys I buy - they are torn apart in a day. Piggy is still pretty much intact, and though worn, he has all his main parts. So, I think I may be making similar toys in the future!
(And by the way - Piggy is much loved!)


Kathy said...

Oh poor piggy. SUEY! Good for you and your sense of humor about it. Is this a fetal piG? Sorry, my son has a bio test on fetal pig anatomy tomorrow. I've been piggy'ed out lately!

nona said...

Piggy is one tough cookie! You're too nice to share your creations with the boys and the dog. I know in my household that means trouble!