Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back After a Long, Long Absence...

It's been waaaaay too long, and the knit-blogging bug has hit me hard again! I am happy to say I finally finished the baby sweater that I wrote about in one of my last entries... Too late for the baby it was intended for, but there will be others, no doubt! I don't know why I was so afraid to do the finishing... I guess I thought it might not look neat enough and professional enough. I did have a few problems, and redid things a few times, but hey, that's how we learn, right??

I have knit a bit more during my long blogging hiatus, but mostly my time was spent immersed in photography, another love that had been gone too long from my life! I had bought a new camera, and was busy getting re-aquainted with those skills... Now that I have satisfied the pent-up photographer in me, I am ready to even out things in my use of free time.

I just purchased the new book "Knit Kimono" . The author, Vicki Square, begins with the history and development of this basic garment in Japan, and its important place in Japanese culture through the ages. She then give clear concise instructions and diagrams for designing your own unique kimono, based upon a simple template and formula for determining stitch counts using your own creativity in stitch choices. Of course, she also includes her own amazing designs, from elegantly simple to beautifully intricate, for those who want more of a challenge in their knitting.

I am starting with a simple design using her template - a basic kimono. I am using a soft sage green worsted yarn and the garter stitch, on #10 circular needles. I am thinking about adding a band of contrasting pattern stitches on the sleeves for interest. Another alternative would be to add embroidery accents, as she does in one of her designs. Right now I am working on the back piece, and I have lots of time to plan and think about what embellishments I would like, if any.

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