Thursday, September 27, 2007

It LOOKS Like Fall...

But it sure didn't feel like it yesterday! Temps hit 90 F degrees here in New York, not at all typical! This leaf on my windshield, supple and soft in the morning, was dry and crispy inside my car only a few hours later!
It's not really "knitting weather" (I am one of those who associates knitting more with cooler weather), but I've been working on a second knit purse anyway. I want to make one for myself, and have enough lining material for a few, actually (the precut fabric piece I bought for the liner is 2-1/2 yards). I picked up two sets of bamboo handles at Michael's on my way home from work yesterday. Now I just have to drag out the sewing machine from its storage spot in the basement and make the linings! (More reasons for making two: 1.) More incentive when I get a purse, too, and 2) twice the use of the machine for one trip out of storage!) :)

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