Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jackpot! :)

I am almost done with the second sleeve of the sweater. I wanted to finish it last night, but it was getting late and I was just too tired to knit anymore! Next comes the finishing, which took forever the first time I knit this sweater. Now, though, having done it once I am not so afraid... It will go a lot quicker this time around!

Yesterday I went back to a local discount store, Amazing Savings, to pick up some more Lion Brand Wool Ease in lavender (for the second sweater). They were selling it for $1.99 a skein (the only color they had). To my surprise and delight, they also had Lion Suede yarn on sale - for only 99 cents a skein! (Current prices are $2.79 -$3.49 per skein for Wool Ease and $5.62-$6.49 per skein for Lion Suede, depending on where you shop ). I loaded up on 4 colors - olive (green), spice (rust), eggplant(purple), and teal (blue). Both were a great bargain! They also had several other types of Lion yarn in varying quantities and colors, all at sizable discounts.

I want to make a large bag/tote for fall, and the colors are perfect! I also like the texture of Suede - it will be a nice, sturdy yarn for this type of project.

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