Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take Along!

Today's photos arrive courtesy of my cellphone camera and the direct posting feature (from cellphone) on Blogger. This little bag is a great gift I received some time ago, from my partner in the One Skein knitalong. I think she make this herself. It's a drawstring bag, with a fabric loop added on. The loop has a metal ring (like those on keyrings) so that you could attach the bag to a belt or belt loop, and not have to carry it separately. It's big enough for two 50 gram balls or skeins of yarn. Today it holds my Fetching materials: yarn, four size 6 dpn's, stitch markers, stitch and cable holders, pattern, small retractable tape measure, small foldable metal scissors (also from my pal!)and even a tube of hand cream! In a pinch, I think I could squeeze a few more items (like some money and my license), so I wouldn't even need to carry another bag. Best of all, it's reversible, with two pretty fabric prints to choose from (pink with black polka dots, and green with a tiny floral pattern). Thanks again, Gail! Your gifts are getting a lot of use!

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