Sunday, October 07, 2007

Baby Sweater #2, Ribbed Cap... Good Spike! :)

I finished the second of 3 baby sweaters... except for the buttons. This is the 12 month size (for the baby born in May). That leaves one baby sweater to go - another 24 month size, this time in pink, for one of the twins born in December.
I also came across a skein of yarn in my stash that is perfect for the Ribbed Alpaca Cap free pattern at It's not alpaca, but Lion WoolEase Chunky in a denim blue (the actual color is in the photo of the WIP and pattern... it came out much lighter in the photos with Spike).
Spike has been a very good boy lately, not bothering my knitting at all. (As long as nothing looks like a doggie toy, he's OK). At 4 years old, he's not the holy terror he was as puppy (there was nothing safe from chewing then!) :)

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