Friday, October 19, 2007

Montera Mitts

Yesterday I wound up the skein of Classic Elite Montera in Majolica Blue, and started another pair of fingerless mitts. I love this yarn and how it handles on the bamboo DPN's...
I took the project with me last night to a school meeting. It was all about high school (#1 son is a freshman) and the requirements for graduation and college. I knew I had to go - there was a lot of important info - but I have a nasty cold and have been feeling miserable. Having the knitting to work on was actually very soothing... I was still able to listen well - they "quizzed" us parents at the end, and even offered prizes (promo items from local college organizations). I won a large messenger-style bag (big enough for a laptop plus!) Others won clocks, sweatshirts, and pen sets. It made an otherwise serious topic a bit more fun.
Today I feel no better... My nose and sinuses are killing me. Even my allergy meds have had little effect. I really feel like joining my buddy Spike and lying on the couch (and yes, I'd be knitting!) instead of going to work! :( I'm the last to get it - everyone else at home and school was sick last week, so I don't think there's much harm in going in either. Luckily it's only 9am-1pm, and I can deal with that!

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