Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oddball Knitting...

Wow, I have been so busy, I haven't had much time for the PC, let alone blogging. They also took away access at work, so there's no chance of sneaking in an update from there.

"Black Over Wine" FO: Basic Cabled Socks (unblocked)

After finishing the Ribbed Socks, I haven't done much knitting... I think I needed a bit of a break before plunging into more projects. I have been using up some odd balls and skeins of yarn to make a few caps, and I am continuing work on the shawl and shrug.

I also just finished signing up for Sock Wars III. My sister is participating, and urged me to join, too. I bought some more sock yarn from Sundara, to get in shape for the coming challenge... I am a little nervous, because it involves knitting a never-seen-before sock pattern for someone else. I hope it isn't too complicated!

Sundara Sock Yarns: "Guava" and "Royal"
"Guava" and "Royal" Sock Yarn

We had a good 6" of snow yesterday, and I stayed home from work. The roads weren't great, and I just didn't see the point of venturing out, particularly when they said the snow would continue or change to sleet... It ended in late afternoon, and I went out to shovel with one of my sons. Afterwards we went to Starbuck for a skiiny mocha (me)and hot chocolate (him). It was clear that most of the stores in the mall hadn't opened, either. The barista said they were the only Starbucks open in the area as well. (Lucky for us!) THe kids are all enjoying it, though they feel that they were cheated, because the snow fell during winter break, meaning no "extra" day off from school! Ah, the good old days! ;)

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