Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hello there! :)

I've been on the computer a lot less lately... I seem to go through phases where other things keep me away, and there's also a lot of competition for it with two teenagers in the house as well!

I finished a couple of hats using up several colors of yarn I had left over from other projects. Right now I have a bunch of things on the needles. I'm working on another pair of Ribbed Socks in Sundara "Guava" sock yarn, and then plan to make a lace pair with the Royal color I bought as well. (I have to gear up for Sock Wars III!)
Guava Socks

Last week I got the latest Berroco Knit Bits newsletter, and fell in love with so many things in it! I decided to buy Norah Gaughgan Vol 2, and the supplies for the Skuld tote, too. I started that yesterday as soon as I got back from the yarn store. Unfortunately they didn't have the yarn shade used in the pattern photo, but I was able to get a lovely sage green that is more muted. This is the first relatively large project I am doing from a chart, and it's very easy to follow. There are a number of beautiful tops in the booklet that I want to make as well. I just wish the yarns weren't quite so expensive! ~sigh~ ... but "Love It" is fabulous to work with!


Still pluggin' away at the shawl and shrug, too, but these newer projects are a lot more fun and interesting!


keri said...

Very pretty!

It's so funny, every time I see a photo of your bag I think "ooh what a pretty bag I need one!" Duh - I make them! =) I obviously have a serious bag problem!!! ;)

~RaenWa~ said...

I love that bag its pretty maybe someday i'll have to make myself one