Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finishing For Skuld

Skuld Completed

Here is the Skuld tote (from Norah Gaughan, Vol.2). , with added reinforcement to the strap (cotton canvas strapping) and paisley fabric lining in a coordinating color. I also used upholstery thread for all the sewing, including the buttons and strap attachment. It has a nice look and is very sturdy, so it will withstand a lot more use, stress and weight. These added details give a more finished look to the project and also prevent the bag from stretching out of shape from the weight of the contents.

Now it's back to the somewhat neglected shrug and shawl! (They must be feeling like orphans after being ignored for a few weeks!)

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Kathy said...

Skuld is amazing. You should be so proud. Oh my gosh. I LOVE It.

Can't wait for my little package. THANK YOU. I love mail.

Nothing on Knitty of MagKNits is calling me......I am ready to cast on for a friend's newly announced baby which will be another girl. Part of me says poncho knit from the top down, with a nice scrunchy turtleneck for warmth....part of me says one square at a time blanket... hmmmmm