Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skuld is Done; Cute Tote ~ A Great Find!

I just completed Skuld from Norah Gaughan, Vol.2. It was a very quick and fun knit. I do want to line the finished bag, but all the knitting is complete. I like the patterns in this booklet a lot, particularly Acton, Currer and Aramis. I would also like to eventually make Urth, which is a two-color version of Skuld.

Skuld kind of took over and quickly became my main/fave project of the moment, with the result that the other WIP's haven't shown much progress... The Basic Ribbed Socks (pattern in Vogue Knitting on the Go - Socks Two) have been almost at a standstill... but I just noticed how nicely the yarn color matches the project bag they're in ~ the one I bought from Keri through her Etsy shop. By the way, she's got more project bags there now, and the fabric is adorable - cute little sock monkeys on pogo sticks! :) What a great gift for an avid sock knitter!

I found a cute bag that was perfect size for a larger knitting project like Skuld... It's a drawstring tote that kids often use for school. The fabric is nylon, and the bag is also lined with a small pocket for a wallet and keys. The knitting booklet, yarn and WIP fit inside nicely - with maybe room for a smaller project like socks as well. I picked it up at Borders. They had a number of prints, and I liked this best. Even better, when I got to the register it was 50% off! It ended up costing less than $6 including tax. Not bad!

Knitting Project Bag

Tomorrow I will pick a winner for the mini-contest. We'll see who the lucky commenter is...


Knitted Gems said...

Your skuld looks great!

And I can't believe you got that cute tote bag for $6. What a steal!

~RaenWa~ said...

I love that bag it came out great I like the pattern & love the color

keri said...

What a pretty bag, you did a wonderful job!

(and thanks for the plug too - that's so sweet of you! ;)

Rashelle said...

Your Skuld turned out so well. I have been searching the net all day for the perfect bag to knit and this is the one. Could you please email me the pattern? I would be so thankful. I am just a beginner so I don't really want to order the whole book. It will be a miracle if I cant get through the bag.

Bernadette said...

Hi Rashelle,

I didn't see a blog or email address where I could reply to you, so Iam doing it here... I hope you see this.

I am glad you like the bag - it is not difficult, even for a beginner, and is fun to knit. I can't send you a copy of the pattern, however.

To do so would be a violation of copyright laws, and would deny the designer the profits from her work that she rightly deserves. In fact, I actually did purchase the booklet mostly for this one pattern myself. I have no immediate plans to make any of the other designs.

Perhaps a knitting friend has a copy you can borrow?