Friday, July 11, 2008

Maisy follows me everywhere...
Well, I spoke a few weeks back about hoping to adopt a rescue dog. We did, though not the dog we originally intended to adopt. The dog that captured my heart initially was a puppy who had a broken leg - her hind right leg was useless. Apparently the "owner" had never bothered to take her to a vet when it happened - she was simply tied outside on a 2 foot leash next to a bowl of rancid food, and left there.

The local rescue organization that brought her here sponsored an operation on her leg, but it was unclear whether it would be successful. We were ready to take her whether it was a success or not (if not, they'd end up having to amputate). It turned out, however, that the vet who did the surgery also fell in love with her. She was in a position to give her far more than we could - additional rehab, surgery, etc. as needed, and this vet was determined to try and save the leg. With a home that great to go to, we couldn't be upset about not getting her. Instead, we adopted another rescue from the same organization, Maisy. Maisy is a 13 lb, 2-3 year old Yorkshire Terrier mix. She is as sweet as sugar, and quiet as a mouse. As we've gotten to know her, she has warmed up even more. She's friendly, cute and very cuddly... We are very happy with her! She gets along well with Spike, too, although they are opposites in so many ways!

Anyway, my knitting mojo got rolling again, and I knit two sweaters for her from leftover yarn I had - Lion Homespun in a red colorway and a blue one, too. (Photos below.)

I also got the purse handles I ordered, and the Noro Kureyon. I replaced the handles on a bag I knit earlier this year, since they weren't working well, and added some crocheted flowers, too. It's much better with these than with the old handles I had on it before. (They slipped off every time I put the bag down!)

I ordered 6 skeins of the Noro Kureyon (3 of each color), and I intend to make the Booga Bag, one for me, and one as a gift... probably a Christmas gift. You can see a wonderful and inspiring Booga Bag Gallery here.

The black wooden bag handles and a second set of bamboo handles are for other bags... as yet undetermined!


Marie said...

Maisy is so sweet looking. She looks stunning in her new sweaters. I hope you have many years of joy with her.

Kathy said...

welcome little Maisy. Oh she is a doll. She is now Cinderella having found her perfect home. She has a momma who handknits for her. Oh I love her little face.