Monday, September 01, 2008

Here Comes Fall!

Market Tote Bag in Crochet

Well, summer saw a real drop-off in my knitting urges. I guess the heat and the call of other activities was too much. I did enjoy browsing some knitting magazines and even buying a few things, but for the most part I had little desire to work on projects. As I noted in mylast entry, I did complete the knitting portion of the Booga Bags (except for the I-cords). I am working on the cords now, so I can felt them together with the bags.

I've also picked up a Montparnasse sweater I began a few months ago, in Reynolds Saucy (cotton worsted yarn). I want to finish it, and then get busy on some fall sweaters (the yarn was purchased at a big sale several months ago, as a local yarn store emptied out its existing stock to make room to remodel). I have yarn for three sweaters, one to be knit for hubby.

Cloths and Soap Holders in Knit and Crochet

Most recently, though, I have been crocheting a bit. It started in the car on our recent vacation to the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and has continued since we returned home. I've made a market bag, and some washcloths and soap holders... Nothing fancy, just stuff I can crochet or knit without a pattern. One washcloth (granny square) was crocheted with a pattern from Lily. Sometimes, though, I just don't want to be bothered with complicated designs or following pattern directions, and I just play. Mostly this happens with crochet, because I am more comfortable improvising with crocheting than knitting. Do you like to improvise?


Kathy said...

Oh your dishcloths are adorable. Glad to see you posted them!

Lori said...

Yes, I improve or reimprove(LOL) a pattern. I think it is fun to make washcloths that are the same be totally different. Most people would not even really know except for the ones that can crochet !
Thanks for sharing. I liked your blog.
Ephrata, Washington