Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Snow Day

Yep...No sitting out in the backyard anytime soon! LOL! The kids and I are taking a page from the pups, and just hanging out at home:
Maisy Snuggled on the Couch with a Pillow
Booga Bags
Booga Bags (Ready to Felt)

I finally finished all the knitting on the Booga Bags - I seem to have an urge to complete some of those UFO's that have been lying around - so I can start some new projects guilt-free! The felting on these will have to wait just a bit, though - I am in need of a new washing machine, which will arrive this coming weekend. In the meantime, I guess I'll continue with organizing my knitting patterns (I am scanning a lot from the many magazines I had accumulated, so I can toss/recycle all the paper. Plus it frees up lots of space on my bookshelves, and makes browsing a lot easier. (I have kept the paper copies of the patterns I expect to use soonest, so I don't have to print out yet more copies on more paper.) For now I'm off to work on more UFO's.

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