Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can't Help Myself...

When is the last time you swore to yourself "I'm not going to buy another skein of yarn until I use up some of my stash..."

And then... you saw a yarn you absolutely HAD to have, and despite your firm promises to go on a yarn diet, you went ahead and bought it anyway??? That happened to me yesterday! :^P

I saw a photo ad on Ravelry yesterday for Yarn Lust's Etsy shop, in which she sells varigated sock yarn in baseball team colors. The ad featured the Yankees colorway, and of course I had to snag it!! She also has lots of other beautiful yarn for sale and some cute stitch markers, too. It's definitely worth a visit to her shop! :)

The Lacy Chinook shawl is still in progress... It will be much larger than the one I finished in Naturally Caron's "Country" (Loden Forest),worsted weight yarn, because I have much more yardage in the lace weight skeins. I'll post a progress shot later today.

Here it is... It looks like a blob right now, because it will need blocking, but I've come pretty far...

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