Sunday, September 05, 2010

Getting My (Knitting) Act Together

I decided it's way past time to clean up my act... Too many magazines, copies of patterns I downloaded, etc. I started to go through everything and discard the paper patterns and magazines that I know I won't miss or want to knit from later.

Next I started to organize my stash and needles/hooks on Ravelry... seriously. (I'd only put a few things on there before.) It feels so good to know where things are and to trim the clutter! Plus, with my stash in Ravelry, I am aware of exactly what I have... This is still an ongoing process, but already I feel a lot more in control of what I have and where to find something when I need it. Wow... I could almost open my own yarn store! I have really got to go on a yarn diet, and get knitting with what I already have!!!
The computer was next... I put all of the downloaded files on a separate hard drive (120GB). I moved my photos there, too. (Knitting and otherwise!!) It saves a ton of space on the PC, which is now a few years old and needs every bit of free space I can give it!

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