Friday, October 08, 2010

Busy Week!

Slipped Rib Scarf
It's definitely been a busy week, both at home and at work. I knit the Slipped Rib Scarf (blog link) by Stephen West, and I am very pleased with the results. I used two gray shades of Chaco (Ravelry link) aran weight yarn by Filatura Lanarota(Ravelry link), and worked the colors in a striped pattern that is reminiscent of some of his other patterns. I finished it this afternoon, and can't wait to wear it.

Slipped Rib Scarf 2

Earlier in the week, I made the Lush-ious Swirl Cowl by Linda Frydl. The cowl is in a pretty fall colorway merino aran that I "rescued" from another cowl I made over a year ago that I didn't like, so I frogged it. Unfortunately, I can't find the yarn info anywhere. I know I purchased it from Little Knits, but that's all I can remember. Seems I didn't like the original cowl enough to Ravel or blog about it, so the other details are lost. I am happy with how the Lush-ious Cowl turned out, but this yarn was too busy to show off the pretty swirly design pattern it would be really lovely knit in a solid color yarn with good stitch definition (as shown in the pattern illustration).


I also did some shopping online, buying more yarn from Little Knits and a copy of Teva Durham's book, Loop-d-Loop, which arrived yesterday from Amazon. I bought it to make her Braided Neckpiece scarf in particular, but I also liked a lot of the other patterns and ideas she discusses in the book.

It's interesting... I have been knit-blogging here on Blogger since June 2005, (with a few lengthy breaks, it's true...) and had been doing it even earlier on AOL (when they provided that service). As I write this post (my 200th on Blogger!!), I can see how my skills have developed. I've been caught up in lace lately, something I would not have even attempted just a couple of years ago. It's very satisfying to see how my skills and sense of adventure in choosing projects have changed and grown over the years. It's something I like to observe in other knitters as well, particularly the designers. It's fun to see how their interests and careers have shaped their designs.

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