Sunday, October 09, 2005


Well, I have finished the Vogue sweater as far as I dare on my own... All the pieces are finished: back, 2 front panels, 2 sleeves. Now comes sewing together and picking up stitches around the neck for the collar. I prefer to do it with my knitting instructor available for guidance, so the project is temporarily on hold.

In the meantime I am doing a quick and easy project from Hip Knits , the tube socks pictured on pp.156-157. I want to learn to do a proper heel, but had a little trouble locating a basic sock pattern on the web. (Then again, I was in a hurry!) I had already bought some sock yarn at a lovely yarn shop, Sticks and Strings . It is Lang Yarns' Jawoll Sport 58 superwash wool blend. It is knitting up very nicely, and I like the self-striping pattern.

Looks like I'll have lots of time to knit today, too. The weather is dreary and chilly (though not constant rain like yesterday), and the boys' baseball game has been cancelled because the field is flooded. Thank heaven - it's no day to sit outside for several hours. I wonder what will happen with the Yankees' game later... I am sure hoping they are not eliminated from the playoffs! (I was not sad to see Boston go the other day, though!)

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