Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shhhhh..... Here's My Stash!

Well.... the great majority of it, anyway. I have had this Lane cedar-lined chest since my first apartment (after college graduation), and decided that it's the perfect place to store my (mostly wool!) stash. I do plan to organize it better, but will do so when others are not around! (Otherwise, it might raise a few eyebrows!)

Anyway, I also decided to make something for Valentine's Day, and I think this crocheted cloche fits the bill! It is based on this Lion Brand free pattern: I substituted Fuschia Kool Wool (which Lion is discontinuing) for the Homespun. The flower is in Lion's Boucle (Popsicle) as in the directions. I left it detachable, and want to get a pin-back to sew it to, so I can try several different flowers of various sizes and colors.

Please pardon the granny glasses peeking out from under the rolled brim - I was hoping they wouldn't show! Unfortunately, I can't blog or even read without them!!!


Kathy said...

Oh your Valentine/February hat is so wonderful. Thanks for the info. Lovely work. Lovely look.

Kathy said...


you asked about the TUT tour. What I know is that it is in FLA right now. So it is moving around. Hope it gets near you!