Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ready... Set....

Yesterday morning, Spike and I went to a nearby dog park that we hadn't visited in a while. Spike ran his little heart out with a bunch of other Labs and other dogs of all sorts. When he came back, he was very calm and contented for the rest of the day! I took this blissfully-at-rest pic of him with my cell phone. The blanket is one I crocheted about 8 years ago (before learning knitting!), for my then 3-4 year old older son. I was crocheting a pale yellow blanket for my sister's baby-on-the-way at the time, and my son asked me to make him a blanket, too. (The colors were his choice, not mine!) It is now very affectionately being used for our youngest "son," Spike. It's acrylic, washable, and not very fashionable, but it keeps him cozy!

Yesterday I went to Sticks and Strings, and picked up the yarn for my Knitting Olympic project - Gems Opal in Terra Cotta. Early in the week, I will do some swatching for my chosen pattern - Grumperina's Jaywalkers. I had something else in mind initially, but these really caught my eye when I saw them here with a picot edge instead of ribbing (a completed pair in another colorway is here.) I also accepted Whitney's invitation to join Team DPN . I now have all my supplies, so I am ready for the Olympics to begin!

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