Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Rush

I have been busy finishing handmade gifts for Christmas, not to mention shopping for those gifts that I could never make in a million years!

Knit Cap

I finished a simple cap to go with the mitts I made for hubby, and I am still working on Mom's Homespun Shawl. The latter will be a lot of work between now and Christmas - I am about 2/5 of the way through (2 of 5 skeins used).

As for my sisters, I made them each some fingerless mitts, and since they are both knitters, I decided to make some stitch markers for them as well. Here are some photos of a few sets I've made this week:

Silver Hearts
Silver Hearts Stitch Markers

Blue Glass Beads
Aqua Blue Stitch Markers

Purple and Garnet Red Glass Beads
Purple and Garnet Red Stitch Markers

I am getting better at working with the wires and metal jewelry findings. The beads I bought a long time ago, from a closeout sale at a local craft store. (At the time, they were just closing out some color lines of the beads. About a year ago, the shop itself closed altogether.)

I am no jewelry maker, but this was a fun project, and ties in with my knitting pretty nicely. I have some other ideas as well, but as usual, ideas are plentiful... time is what's short! :)

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Kat said...

You dork, don't post what you made us :)

Can I have the hearts? ;)