Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kiss of Death...

Well, I lasted a little over a week in Sock Wars III! The Package of Death arrived on Saturday, while I was out visiting my sister in Queens, NYC. I have mailed my target's socks to my assassin (yesterday) along with a few goodies. She was kind enough to send a bag of Hershey's Kisses (the "kiss(es) of death") and a lovely assortment of body lotion samples to soften the death blow.

Here's a photo of her package:

And a closeup of my cool new "Detonation" pattern socks:

My sis and I spent Saturday afternoon in knitting pursuits. First we hit a LYS that was having a blowout sale, to get rid of their large inventory before closing for renovation. The line was out the door at the LYS, and new people were being admitted as people inside came out. The checkout line stretched around the entire circumference of the store, but moved fairly quickly (they had only 2 cashiers). I spent about $65 and bought enough yarn for at least 3 sweaters. It filled two shopping bags. Others were buying up yarn for afghans, etc., and had as much as two laundry baskets full of yarn! (The store uses plastic laundry baskets as shopping baskets.) Everything in the store was $1.00 or $1.99 a ball (or skein).

My husband asked me to make a sweater for him, so I bought some nice black worsted wool(his color choice). They also had dark gray Wool-Ease Sport and a lovely beige wool that will make nice sweaters, but stuff was really flying off the shelves - more than half were empty when we got in! Still, it was a very productive outing all the same. Afterwards we spent time knitting our Sock Wars III socks at a local Starbucks near my sister's place.

So, now that I am officially "assassinated" and I'm no longer knitting "killer" socks, I will be returning to my other projects. I did have the urge to actually knit and finish a pair for myself, though, so I am doing those first. A plain, no-frills sock pattern, but in a cute colorful yarn from my stash - Bernat Sock yarn in Hippi Hop. I'll post about my current WIPs in my next entry, after I have had a chance to take some pics.

For now I'll leave you with a pic of Spike checking out the socks:

(No harm done - he didn't actually bite them! Just a sniff ...and a lick!) :^P


Beth said...

Wow, they look great! And your dog is a cutie!

Beth said...

Wow, they look better than I thought they would. And the dog investigating is so sweet. Wish I had know, I would have sent doggie treats.

Pearly said...

Well written article.