Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beads and Buttons

Well, it's been a little while. I finished the Yankees Foamy Shawl shown in my last post. Wearing it hasn't brought any consistent good luck to the Yankees, however I'm still hoping they'll clinch the division soon!

My current project is "Allium" (Ravelry pattern link), which I am knitting in Sundara blue (Blueberry?) sock yarn from my stash. I'm knitting on #6 Takumi circular needles. I am not sure why, but Takumi lists #6/4.25 mm on the needles, while most other places list #6 US as equivalent to 4mm (and the Takumi needles are a bit larger, according to my needle sizer).

Allium Scarf

I've also found a lovely scarf in Knitty that just begged "Oh,pick ME!!" as a next project: Kernel

I printed the pattern and have been gathering the supplies. I think I have found an appropriate yarn, Legacy Lace in Golden Sunrise (by Brown Sheep Company), which I got in Flying Fingers. It's certainly a great choice colorwise, but it is listed as "cobweb lace" on Ravelry. I will swatch it to see if it's too thin, but I'm pretty sure it will work. I wanted a tone-on-tone yarn, as in the pattern model, but couldn't find a close enough match. (The yarn used in the original pattern isn't available near me).


Next I needed the beads...

Buttons and Beads

Flying Fingers had Gutermann seed beads which were a perfect color match (left in photo above), but the pattern calls for "#6 seed beads", which seemed larger than the ones I had chosen. Flying Fingers only carries one size, the really tiny ones. So I stopped by Hartsdale Fabrics on my way home from work (another store I love, and a quilter's heaven!) They had quite a large selection of Gutermann beads of various shapes and sizes (tiny seeds, #6 and #8 among them.) I got another great match in the 6mm Rainbow Beads, which I think is what the pattern calls for (right in photo above). I also picked up some assorted buttons from both stores which will look great on various knitting projects. (I just love unusual buttons, too).

My shawl pins finally arrived from The Shawl Pin Store. Seems the U.S. Mail has been very slow lately... and yet they want to keep raising prices. Anyway, I am very happy with the pins I ordered - they are a perfect match to the Lacy Chinook Shawl I bought them for. Don't you agree? :)

Shawl Pins

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keri said...

Ooh all gorgeous! I love your new shawl pins and I especially love unique buttons too - they seem so hard to find but are totally worth it! =)