Thursday, September 30, 2010

An FO (and More Yarn...)

I finished "Allium" (Ravelry pattern link) today. All set for blocking, and just in time, too - my lace blocking wires arrived late this afternoon. Wow, the Post Office must have heard me complaining the other day... They took only 2 days to arrive.

I also ordered some gorgeous yarn from Light Brown Hare (etsy shop) that arrived the day after I ordered it!!! (Which was yesterday). The colorway was just irresistible, and so perfect for Fall!


I have been knitting from my stash, as I had promised myself... I just couldn't resist adding some more to it... ;^) I am planning a larger shawl with this yarn, since I have a nice amount of yardage to work with. (Each ball pictured is 6oz/600 yards to play with!).

I have found so many great projects to make on Ravelry,I should have no trouble reducing my stash and making lots of great gifts for Christmas. By the way, I am also "HookedonKnitting" on Ravelry, too! :)

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