Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rhinebeck, Part 3

One of the nice things about the Sheep & Wool Festival was that it was definitely a family activity. Aside from all the fair-type foods available, there were rides, including a merry-go-round, a giant slide (which we heard shrieks from on a regular basis!) and others.



There was also a mini zoo for the kids. (Entirely apart from all the woolly animals...) Among the animals were alligators, tortoises, ducks (including the original AFLAC duck!), lemurs, capuchin monkeys, and the big favorite: a mother kangaroo and her new joey!! The baby was 5 months old, and came out of her pouch for the first time after its birth on Saturday. (The baby is extremely tiny, and climbs into the pouch immediately after birth to finish growing and developing). This 5 month old was about the size of a chihuahua, according to the owner.)

Kangaroo Mother & Joey

Kangaroo Mother & Joey

The joey could be seen imitating its mother - as she nibbled on the hay and leaves, it was doing the same. Mama Kangaroo did not let her joey poke its head out for very long, however - it was a chilly and windy October afternoon, and she soon gently pushed it back inside her pouch to stay warm and toasty.

Kangaroo Mama


We could not figure out which of these little guys was the AFLAC duck, although the owner did mention he survived an attack by a fox! (Guess the AFLAC insurance paid off, LOL!!)


I can't wait for next year, to attend more of the events, including the Ravelry party (which we missed this year).

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